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Street Teams for the Burbs and more in SocialTV

This week’s Social TV news includes the latest from the Upfronts, Tupperware TV Parties, the differences between Brits, Canucks and ‘Mericans in Social Media Consumption, Infographics on how women and women consume media differently and a great SocialTV in ’82 find from Ad Age.



Don’t be fooled by the shrimp cocktail. The real upfront isn’t taking place on the stages of the many glitzy presentations stuffing the calendar between now and late May. via Variety.


Ryan Seacrest at the E! Upfront: web traffic to E! up 38% year over year. via Lost Remote.


Syfy is betting even more on social TV, adding some element of interactivity to nearly every new show it presented to advertisers and media buyers at its upfront. via Ad Age.
91 percent of Bravo viewers say the network offers an outlet to voice their opinions and thoughts on Bravo and its shows, again ranking first among its competitors. via Lost Remote.


Discovery is anticipating more than 100 hours of live on-air social integrations across their networks. via Lost Remote.


There’s a Difference Between Second Screen vs Social TV?

“Simply tweeting to say ‘I’m watching this football game,’ is no more social than being stranded on an island and throwing out a message in a bottle saying ‘I’m stuck on this island.’ That message wouldn’t be social until someone actually responded,” Markham explains. via Digital Trends.


Comedy Central is gearing up to host a comedy festival on [Twitter], centered around the hashtag #ComedyFestvia The Next Web.


While most of the interactive content is triggered by the progression of each episode of “Da Vinci’s Demons,” users have the ability to catch up and access the interactive content for a particular episode at any time by download after premiere using the Manual Sync option. via Lost Remote.


Discovery Plus, an interactive second-screen experience, delivers premium bonus interactive content synced live with your favorite shows. via iClarified.


Kiddie-cabler Sprout said it would launch one new original series that would let kids play a game along with the show via tablet or mobile device. via Variety.


What programmers foresee is an opportunity to profit from bundling the 2nd screen as value add to their TV buys. via ITVT.


Street Teams in the Burbs?

House Party’s social TV business has more than doubled since 2012, with networks including AMC, CW, HGTV, MSNBC, Nickelodeon and Cartoon Network, and high profile TV shows like Mad Men, Rachel Maddow, The GRAMMY Awards, MAKERS: Women Who Make America and Adventure Time all signing on to get consumers talking and tuning in. via WSJ.


New Data this Week

New study shows social media hogging more than a quarter of online time. Entertainment comes in second to Social. via Deseret News.


According to the study, 80% of Americans who own a smartphone or tablet frequently use their devices while watching TV, and 40% of these people visit a social network while glued to the tube. via Fast Company.


A recent report by the Media Technology Monitor found that 58 per cent of Canadians said they have multitasked with an Internet-connected device while watching TV, and 26 per cent said they were always or almost always using the Internet while watching TV. via The Globe and Mail.


Siskel and Ebert do Social TV in ’82

“In this brief clip, you can see the hallmarks of modern-day Social TV: snark, drive-by opinions, a certain meta sensibility…” and “history’s first live review of a television show still in progress.” via Ad Age.



Battle of the (social) sexes. Women win. via Mobile Marketing Watch.

Battle of the Sexes


2013, when smartphones hold 60% of the UK user base, and you have 58% female smartphone users and 42% male. via Read Write Web.

More Women Own Cell Phones than Men
More Women Own Cell Phones than Men




This Week in Social News

We’re big fans of Newspapers around here. In addition to #SocialTV we’ve got a good, strong presence in #SocialNews. Or at least we pretend to; so much of what we’re doing is new territory for both us and the publishers we serve. To make sense of it, we’re putting out a once-weekly “This Week in Social News” post. The “This Week” posts are roll-ups of the news you might have missed for the week where we organize, link to and quote from a number of sources to round out the week’s news with some perspective and tranquility a Saturday Morning provides. Without further ado…

Platforms for Talent. Yes, please. 

This is one of the best-written “solutions” to the problem publishers face in online publishing we’ve found.

“What if news organizations confronted the reality that nearly all media will be ‘social media’ a decade hence?…What if news organizations acknowledged this — or even got out in front of it, ahead of the curve this time — and organized themselves as platforms for talent?” Link is here.

Down Goes Frazier?

The NY Times, which is the publishing anomaly more often than not, is flipping where it once flopped. Why? It’s all about the pre-roll.

Starting today, all videos on will be available to all readers, regardless of their subscriber status.


This Week in Social TV

Obviously this week’s biggest SocialTV news is the Boston Marathon coverage. It’s a little too soon for us to write about it, honestly. It’s unprecedented and will take some time to provide insights which are, indeed, coming in fast. The best of the rest is below.

Deep Dive: Twitter #music

Our view: #music is a good, made for mobile app for artist discovery if you follow a lot of artists. It is a decent music listening tool if you are a premium subscriber of Spotify or Rdio. The search tool is poor but the focus of the app is more on what is trending than what you want to hear. In short: use it to discover. Quotes from coverage follow…

Via Mashable

“Discovery Powerhouse for Your iPhone”

“Twitter Music is the best music discovery app I’ve seen on mobile. That’s because of three factors: First, it’s easy and inviting to use. Second, it doesn’t inundate you with too much choice. And third, suggestions from friends are self-curating.”

“The search function is crap. It’s slow and totally unclear what it’s for. Searching for obvious titles (“Thriller” for example) doesn’t bring up anything related to the artist you’re looking for. It appears to be purely for searching Twitter for artist profiles.”

“Taken as it’s intended, though, Twitter Music does its job extremely well. It shows you what the world is listening to as well as what your world is listening to. It’s much easier to quickly immerse yourself in new music than, say, the new Myspace. Sharing and connections are nice, but the music should be front and center, and Twitter gets that.”


“Rdio and Spotify subscribers can log into their existing accounts, however, and enjoy full tracks provided they’re already available in the companies’ respective libraries.”


“Great For Artists; Less So For Fans”

“#Music encourages you to follow bands and musicians, which of course can lead to longterm engagement and even sales.”

“The music-listening part is only really worthwhile to those of us who pay for premium Spotify or Rdio accounts. Otherwise, we’re left with a mere iTunes snippet and the option to buy the whole track. And if you do have Rdio or Spotify, you’re going to continue to use those services’ apps for the majority of your listening. Listening to music isn’t the main draw of Twitter #Music, just a very nice touch.”

“On the whole, Twitter #Music is a decent app. If you like music enough to subscribe to a streaming service and are interested in finding new music, this is a pretty good, social-fueled way to do it. If your tastes are more particular and nuanced, tools with more complex algorithms and granular data points are likely to be more useful to you. Either way, it’s worth taking it for a spin.”

You Won’t Believe This Social Media Trend
Via MediaPost

“According to a new study, freshmen women spend nearly half their day — 12 hours — engaged in some form of media use, particularly texting, music, the Internet and social networking.”

Keep an Eye On: Viewster
Via PaidContent

“Watch out, Crackle: Zurich-based VOD startup Viewster is starting to rack up more views than some of its established U.S. competitors.”

Second Screen, Yadda Yadda

An inside look at Starz companion app for ‘DaVinci’s Demons’.

Is network content streaming affecting pay tv subscriptions?

Are second screen options facing a crossing the chasm moment?

Can Twitter elevate the “second screen” with live video? 

USA Launches “My Moment” Social Campaign
Via LostRemote

“While the TV show follows nine people as they get a second chance to pursue their dream career, the social campaign will help viewers follow through on their own dreams.”

Let Your Ad Departments Know…

If an advertiser is looking to launch a viral campaign, they could get a bump from your built-in audience.

“Google’s Susan Wojcicki says the viral success of a Pepsi prank video shows how online ad viewing is becoming a voluntary experience where marketers strive to produce content viewers want to watch.”

Read More


Are Teenagers Abandoning Facebook?

Are Teenagers Abandoning Facebook? [INFOGRAPHIC] | Social Media TodayTom Treanor We produced this infographic exploring the recent trends for teenagers related to Facebook and social media. We all hear anecdotally about the movement of teens to other (often mobile-centric) social media platforms. So what did we discover?

“85% of you [B2B] chose Twitter as your number one social platform.”

B2B Marketers Say Twitter is Now but Google+ Is the Future [Infographic]If all of the business to business marketers could come up to the front of the room please? Now, could you raise your hand if you think Twitter is the number one social platform for business? Hmm…wow, B2B Marketing is right. 85% of you chose Twitter as your number one social platform.