Street Teams for the Burbs and more in SocialTV

This week’s Social TV news includes the latest from the Upfronts, Tupperware TV Parties, the differences between Brits, Canucks and ‘Mericans in Social Media Consumption, Infographics on how women and women consume media differently and a great SocialTV in ’82 find from Ad Age.



Don’t be fooled by the shrimp cocktail. The real upfront isn’t taking place on the stages of the many glitzy presentations stuffing the calendar between now and late May. via Variety.


Ryan Seacrest at the E! Upfront: web traffic to E! up 38% year over year. via Lost Remote.


Syfy is betting even more on social TV, adding some element of interactivity to nearly every new show it presented to advertisers and media buyers at its upfront. via Ad Age.
91 percent of Bravo viewers say the network offers an outlet to voice their opinions and thoughts on Bravo and its shows, again ranking first among its competitors. via Lost Remote.


Discovery is anticipating more than 100 hours of live on-air social integrations across their networks. via Lost Remote.


There’s a Difference Between Second Screen vs Social TV?

“Simply tweeting to say ‘I’m watching this football game,’ is no more social than being stranded on an island and throwing out a message in a bottle saying ‘I’m stuck on this island.’ That message wouldn’t be social until someone actually responded,” Markham explains. via Digital Trends.


Comedy Central is gearing up to host a comedy festival on [Twitter], centered around the hashtag #ComedyFestvia The Next Web.


While most of the interactive content is triggered by the progression of each episode of “Da Vinci’s Demons,” users have the ability to catch up and access the interactive content for a particular episode at any time by download after premiere using the Manual Sync option. via Lost Remote.


Discovery Plus, an interactive second-screen experience, delivers premium bonus interactive content synced live with your favorite shows. via iClarified.


Kiddie-cabler Sprout said it would launch one new original series that would let kids play a game along with the show via tablet or mobile device. via Variety.


What programmers foresee is an opportunity to profit from bundling the 2nd screen as value add to their TV buys. via ITVT.


Street Teams in the Burbs?

House Party’s social TV business has more than doubled since 2012, with networks including AMC, CW, HGTV, MSNBC, Nickelodeon and Cartoon Network, and high profile TV shows like Mad Men, Rachel Maddow, The GRAMMY Awards, MAKERS: Women Who Make America and Adventure Time all signing on to get consumers talking and tuning in. via WSJ.


New Data this Week

New study shows social media hogging more than a quarter of online time. Entertainment comes in second to Social. via Deseret News.


According to the study, 80% of Americans who own a smartphone or tablet frequently use their devices while watching TV, and 40% of these people visit a social network while glued to the tube. via Fast Company.


A recent report by the Media Technology Monitor found that 58 per cent of Canadians said they have multitasked with an Internet-connected device while watching TV, and 26 per cent said they were always or almost always using the Internet while watching TV. via The Globe and Mail.


Siskel and Ebert do Social TV in ’82

“In this brief clip, you can see the hallmarks of modern-day Social TV: snark, drive-by opinions, a certain meta sensibility…” and “history’s first live review of a television show still in progress.” via Ad Age.



Battle of the (social) sexes. Women win. via Mobile Marketing Watch.

Battle of the Sexes


2013, when smartphones hold 60% of the UK user base, and you have 58% female smartphone users and 42% male. via Read Write Web.

More Women Own Cell Phones than Men
More Women Own Cell Phones than Men




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