This Week in Social News

We’re big fans of Newspapers around here. In addition to #SocialTV we’ve got a good, strong presence in #SocialNews. Or at least we pretend to; so much of what we’re doing is new territory for both us and the publishers we serve. To make sense of it, we’re putting out a once-weekly “This Week in Social News” post. The “This Week” posts are roll-ups of the news you might have missed for the week where we organize, link to and quote from a number of sources to round out the week’s news with some perspective and tranquility a Saturday Morning provides. Without further ado…

Platforms for Talent. Yes, please. 

This is one of the best-written “solutions” to the problem publishers face in online publishing we’ve found.

“What if news organizations confronted the reality that nearly all media will be ‘social media’ a decade hence?…What if news organizations acknowledged this — or even got out in front of it, ahead of the curve this time — and organized themselves as platforms for talent?” Link is here.

Down Goes Frazier?

The NY Times, which is the publishing anomaly more often than not, is flipping where it once flopped. Why? It’s all about the pre-roll.

Starting today, all videos on will be available to all readers, regardless of their subscriber status.



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