This Week in #Journalism: Everything Under the Banyan Tree

While you were busy doing other things, this week in SocialNews stayed frosty. Among the highlights below: A New News Coop under the banyan tree, NYTimes gets a small screen face-lift, [data] print circulation down while aggregator and mobile readership up, Facebook releases a press best practices guide and, [infographic] on TV/Tablet buddy-ship brewing.

New News Co-op: “The Banyan Project, an attempt to build sustainable, locally owned and controlled news sources, is getting closer to launch in Haverhill, Massachusetts.”

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Crowdsourcing (aka RapGenius) through annotation: the future of news?



Facebook targets the press with ‘best practices’ guide for engaging readers on its social network.

“The guide published today is significant because it’s one of the first instances whereby Facebook has actively courted members of the press into using the service.”


“Now everyone can make news, since Facebook’s News Feed is meant to be a personalized newspaper.”

“We spend 82 percent of our mobile media time in apps, and Facebook accounts for 23 percent of that in-app time. In short: apps are the mobile Web, and Facebook is the most used app in the world. As a result, Facebook is the only scalable mobile display advertising option.”



Agregators: “About a third of all traffic to news sites now comes from mobile, up from just 25 percent a year ago.”



Breaking News Is Broken; Could Buzzfeed Be the One to Fix It?

“[Buzzfeed] is bringing on a News Director who will manage its breaking-news coverage on a day-to-day (and, if situations call for it, night-to-night) basis.”



Why Aren’t News Sites Better Designed for Tragedies?

“But it’s hard not to see “Dead/Shooting/School” next to “LOL/OMG/WTF” without cringing just a little bit.”



The New York Times revamped mobile site: “Overall, the takeaways seem to be: a common visual experience across mobile platforms and a cleaner, more premium look.”



Print Circulation: “U.S. newspapers continue to lose readers, but digital subscription growth is muddling the task of counting circulation, says industry circulation tracker Alliance for Audited Media in its latest six-month report.”

“[USAToday] U.S. Newspapers’ Average Circulation Dips 0.7%”


[Infographic] TV, Mobile, PC’s Complement Each Other for News Consumption


TV and Tablets complementing each other around news
TV and Tablets complementing each other around news




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