This Week in #SocialTV: The Mother of All Cabletastrophes and Better Living Through Tweetistry

Wherein Mashable schools us on the history of The Second Screen, Tumblr chief nerd boasts h’wood cred (look out Twitter and Facebook?), NBC takes the live contest to the last level, and the cable industry (finally) considers The Great What-If? The Mother of All Cabletastophes?


NBC Orders Groundbreaking 24/7 Live Competition ‘THE Million Second Quiz’



The Mother of All Catastrophes: “If, as the doomsayers predict, consumers abandon cable en masse, the ecosystem will become so damaged that high-profile programming becomes impossible to fund. And no company with a stake in the entertainment business wants to contemplate that kind of disaster.”



Better Living Through Tweetistry. “How can you predict which tweets will get more views, and more viral retweets? A new study developed a statistical model to estimate the popularity of tweets.”



Q&A with Univision‘s David Beck: “Our philosophy is to respect the audience and integrate social as organically as possible.”



Viewster invests in talent and regional footprint. “With more viewers choosing to watch films and TV shows on-demand, we’re seeing a big shift in advertising spend away from linear TV.”


When Did the ‘Second Screen’ Become a Thing? “Grey’s Anatomy Sync for iPad was released in Feb. 2011 and was the first mainstream second screen sync app around a major television show. That concept now extends to dozens of shows on primetime and cable across the major networks.”



Trendrr: “second screen activity” is up 127 percent from this time last year. 



How social TV agency Darewin launched ‘The Walking Dead’ in France with a contagious campaign. “We had to make the act of watching the show an event: more about being part of a community than about consuming fresh content. Before social media and dual-screen TV, this kind of possibility didn’t even exist.”



Facebook has a perception problem in social television, where Twitter is entertainment’s favorite platform.

[] Social TV: Facebook Vs. Twitter Vs. Tumblr


Facebook saw a 46 percent increase in users age 45 to 54 years, while Twitter grew nearly 80 percent with users age 55 to 64.”



Study: Facebook Activity Correlates To TV Viewership (Social TV’s Not Just For Twitter): “As the regression analysis illustrates, the number of Facebook actions people take leading up to a show are indeed indicative of the number of viewers that tune-in to watch that show.”



David Karp: Ten Out Of Ten Of The Biggest Hollywood Studios Now Advertise On Tumblr “Karp says that, unlike the bigs, Tumblr is going after the “top of the funnel,” in other words, advertising that actually inspires you to go out and buy.”



What Marketers Need to Know About the New FTC Disclosures



Talk about realtime… comScore Releases March 2013 U.S. Online Video Rankings





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