This Week in #SocialTV The Marriage Edition

The premature death knell of movie theaters and radio reminds us that TV and SocialTV still have long lives ahead of them. Will Nielsen’s counting help them count again? Yahoo! asks for Tumblr’s hand in marriage and Time Warner starts dating Hulu.


Is TV Dead? Not so Fast! “Sitting in 1952 it would have been easy to envision a time when radio would go silent and every movie theater in America would close its doors. That did not come to pass.”


“TV will change from what we have known for decades – it’s ripe for it – there’s too much visual ritalin, too many commercials, and, as narrative developments show in the Transmedia world, stories are going to get more complex on TV… as they should in the future.”


“Broadcast and cable networks say Nielsen is leaving out as much as 12 percent of viewers, because it hasn’t perfected a way to capture those who watch on the Web.”


“ABC will participate in Nielsen’s first trial to incorporate mobile video apps into the firm’s online ratings, as the network tries to get a handle on audiences accessing content across multiple devices.”


“Time Warner Cable CEO Glenn Britt has been talking with other cable-TV providers about making a joint bid for the Web-TV hub Hulu.”


“Networks that want a strong position in the future will be great application developers. And the applications will be unique to the content.”


“Only 5% of video-watching households are Zero-TV households, but 23% percent of Netflix subscribers had cancelled their cable or satellite subscriptions.”


“Just like a regular TV network, Amazon ordered up a bunch of pilot shows this year, and will end up making a series out of some of them.”


“Increase stickiness by offering exclusive content available only through the second screen.”


“Shaw Media unveiled today an innovative way for some movie advertisers to engage viewers with a dramatic new approach to commercial breaks known as a live on screen integration.”


“Just a year ago, when you thought of a TV series, you would probably still look at it in terms of episodes and storylines. Now, you’d be more likely to look at it as a series of moments, each with a social dimension and a continuing narrative in the non-linear world.”


“People are making financial bets, if you will. They’re putting their money to work before knowing anything. The risk is certainly not worth the reward,” says Networked Insights founder and CEO Dan Neely, who equates buying ad time at the upfronts to gambling.”



“In tomorrow’s world, we’ll already be living online all the time, so the notion of “sharing” may change.”


Is Marissa Mayer About to Buy Tumblr for $1 Billion?



“TV will become a totally different experience for consumers in the next couple of years, with integrated and interactive tools and hardware made for optimizing browsing on a TV screen.”


“We can stream movies on Netflix. We can buy TV episodes on iTunes. So why, in 2013, can’t we watch live television on our smartphones, tablets and computers without a pricey cable subscription?”


“Rather than limiting the streaming distribution of its shows to Apple TV through Netflix or Hulu, the new CW app will offer users direct access to full episodes of the network’s lineup”,2817,2419121,00.asp


“GetGlue’s approach to the second screen has been to create activity feeds for each show. Each feed is a mix of comments, video, pictures, re-caps, gifs, memes and more.”


Squawka’s european second-screen experience = cash.


“ABC’s announcement that it’ll allow live streaming of its shows via its iPad and iPhone app.”


SimulTV combines streaming video content, Facebook and Twitter integration and video chat all into one web browser-based interface that you can access anywhere.”



“M-commerce sales will account for 15% of total commerce sales in 2013.”




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