This Week in #Journalism: Here come the Millenials

Social media is A) gossip, B) the future of disaster response, C) a driving force behind print or D) all of the above? Twitter’s CEO thinks the crowd will sort it all out while The Financial Times is jumping all in. Traditional Journalism vs the Millennials? Let the games begin.


These are the Millennials. They grew up with computers, instant messaging on AIM, using Facebook in school, they’re not afraid to communicate in GIFs or acronyms, and they’re poised to do great things in the future. That’s why they’re worth watching. 


“Rather than laws that protect journalists, which can be hard to define on an individual level, we need laws that protect anyone engaging in the act of journalism.”


Journalism’s First Obligation Is to Tell the Truth


If we think our community is going to pay for our services (as many, including Voice of San Diego, The New York Times, and Andrew Sullivan do), then we absolutely have to learn how to serve users.


Scott Pelley: “Twitter, Facebook and Reddit? That’s not journalism. That’s gossip. Journalism was invented as an antidote to gossip.”


Twitter CEO: “We are building this global town square . . . the crowd is doing a good job of sorting out what is real and what is rumor.”  “We think of ourselves as very complementary to news orgs.”


“The Financial Times launched a new, mobile-friendly news wire today with an emphasis on speed and brevity. It’s called fastFT, and it’s something like a traditional news wire mixed with a Twitter stream, delivered both in a newsfeed on as well as on a standalone page.”


“Inside and out, [NPR’s new national headquarters] is designed to tell the 43-year story of NPR the public-supported multimedia company, from its radio roots to present-day video, apps, and photojournalism.”


Jess Cagle, Managing Editor of Entertainment Weekly: “So I will very often look at the social media surrounding of a particular show and make the decision based on that.”



The new face of disaster response [infographic]


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