This Week in #SocialTV: Toilet Times..

Yahoo’s $1.8 billion mid-life crisis buys them Tumblr (done) and Hulu (rumored) but is Yahoo too old to wear skinny jeans? I guess that explains why toilet Tweeting is up 20% in 2013. So, bartender, pour me a Fanhattan. That’s Fan.TV with a twist. 


Social by the numbers:

  • 46% admit to using their device for instant messaging whilst watching TV
  • 44% used social networks in bed
  • 30% play games on their second-screen
  • 7% in the bathroom
  • 6% in the toilet (up from 5% last year)


“ConnecTV goes by the tagline: Sync, Share, Play: Sync automatically with whatever ad or TV show is being watched, share with one-touch integration via Twitter, Facebook and other major social media platforms, and play along.”


Moms are sharing.  Parenting and TV takes up one-third of shares.


Start expecting a lot more conversation about socialTV and its impact on various future experiences.


A new social app will let Dish subscribers interact with Facebook and Twitter feeds related to the show or channel they’re currently watching.



Deep Dive: Fan TV



“Built in secret, Fanhattan is finally showing off its Yves Behar-designed device to the world.”  “Like other over-the-top services that create new interfaces for browsing TV and movies, Fan TV improves on the standard 700-channel cable-TV grid by aggressively sorting your viewing options: by type of show, by movie genre, by actor, and so on.”  “Ultimately, Fan TV will work only if cable providers agree to partner with the company to provide a live TV stream.”


“The hook: Fan TV helps you quickly and easily find your favorite programs, regardless of their origins. It then delivers the shows via streaming video or live TV, and can even record like a DVR.”  “The Fan TV hardware runs software that looks like an extension of the Fanhattan app, which famously lets you identify your preferred programs — then shows you where to find them, no matter the online video service or network provider.”  “To make this work, cable and satellite TV companies must cooperate, because BianRosa says this device won’t be for those who don’t have such services — at least not at first. In other words, it’s not for “cord cutters,” those who use services such as Netflix and Hulu and reject cable TV or satellite TV subscriptions.”  “We’re thinking Apple is probably working on the same thing, with the stumbling block being negotiating with those who own the content.”


“Before we go any further we should say that as excited as we are about Fan TV, it’s still pie in the sky. The company has ZERO official partners for the service, there’s no price or street date.”


“Most of the attention in this space surrounds streaming services such as Netflix, Hulu and Amazon Instant Video, so it’s interesting to see Fanhattan target cable TV boxes, rather than streaming boxes, specifically. There’s certainly a market for it, but its success will inevitably lie in its price, content offering and overall user experience.”


“The wall that broadcasters and cable companies have built around their services is not long for this world, according to Barry Diller, chairman of IAC. It’s not clear who will tear it down, and it’s not clear when it will actually happen, but the “centricity” of the video world is going to shift from cable and satellite to the Internet, he said at D11 Wednesday.”


“Fan TV is based in large parts on the work Fanhattan has been doing in aggregating video content sources on the iPad and on the web.”



The rest.

“In Google’s semantic world ‘sentiment mining’ (what is being said about you), engagement (how your content is received), citation (where your website and brand are mentioned) and interaction (how your website is linked to) form the four pillars upon which your new marketing needs to be based on.”


“If the last few years have all been about building compelling mobile-first or mobile-only experiences, the latest trend seems to be bringing those experiences back to the web.”


“Chances are good that users will leave Tumblr in droves, alarmed by the rumored avalanche of advertising and the potential crackdown on content. LiveJournal users didn’t have any qualms about going to Dreamwidth and Tumblr; Flickr users bounced to Instagram and back again; and is there anybody left on MySpace? Anyone?”


Yahoo could pay $600-$800 million for Hulu.


Twitter Amplify?


“By offering so-called second-screen content synchronized with the broadcast, the networks hope they can persuade viewers to watch programming live, instead of on a digital video recorder several days after their initial broadcasts are recorded.”




Women Collaborating With Social Media More Than Men [Infographic]


The Difference Between Paid, Owned and Earned Media [Infograhic]




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