This Week in #SocialTV: Game of Social Media Thrones

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The Grand Dame Lanister (TV) holds court with Twitter Targaryen and Shazam Stark but the social media winter in coming.  Meanwhile House Sklar is sailing the women’s army accross The Narrow Sea to take back their fair share.

The Battlefield

“The domains have extended, the vanguards are in place, the stakes are high — for these strategic advances, social networks have set up defenses to thwart the elusive plans of competing social media platforms. The battles for cyberspace and online domination are at stake.” [Infographic]

“All the major social media platforms are moving into the [Social TV] space, but Twitter is in the lead”

The Houses

The Grand Dame Lanister

“If new media is the hot, young neighbor on the block, then television is like the grand dame holding court in the mansion up the street. She’s clearly the richest lady in the county, and eventually everyone comes knocking to pay homage to her.”

Twitter Targaryen

“The company has slowly but surely put a bear hug around the [Television] industry.”  “The concept is simple: Advertisers run TV ad campaigns and Twitter promoted tweets simultaneously, and then — via Twitter TV Ad Targeting — consumers on Twitter are targeted with promoted tweets.”  “[Twitter’s] video fingerprinting technology detects when and where a brand’s commercials are running on TV.”  “And Twitter’s got a lot of science behind this thanks to its smart acquisition of Bluefin Labs.”

Shazam Stark

“As an industry we are all in the very first days of imagining a world of companion experiences that make TV better, and ultimately transform TV viewing.”  “Until now, every time users wanted to “Shazam” a song or TV show to get more info, they have needed to initiate the audio-based content-recognition sequence. The new iPad app eliminates that step, by constantly listening for media and pulling up the associated tags in a carousel at the top of the screen.”  “Now Shazam is using [their] technology to help answer entirely new questions around TV, and broadening its view to help people recognise and engage with the world around them.”  “The simplicity of the Shazam experience means that yes, while it’s not 100% lean-back, you only lean ever so slightly forward to get a world more content.”  “Shazam currently has more than 300 million global users accessing the app, equating to an astounding ten million queries a day.”  “There are also certain shows that have partnered with Shazam like “American Idol” and “The Voice” that when tagged, offer exclusive content like behind-the-scenes information, cast details and episode previews.”

In the land of Essos

Ye Other Screen

“In Q3 2012 Nielsen reported that they were watching more TV than ever, about 34 hours a week on average. The difference now is that they’re watching not with TV dinners on their laps, but with smartphones and tablets.”

“GetGlue for Android update brings personal guides, second screen sharing.”

zeebox: “The launch of TV Rooms gives anyone the ability to join and build a range of different communities centered around one or a set of TV shows — a place where they can call the shots, share ideas, conversations and organize affinity groups based on what’s important to them.”

“Ads on Facebook will relate to the ads you see on TV and that kind of magical jump never existed before.”

“New Wizards vs Aliens App Offers the First Synchronized Second Screen Experience for a Kids’ TV Show in the U.S.”

“The service starts with an alarm when a selected show begins. If the viewer decides to participate, Atresmedia Conecta will offer different possibilities, such as social networks, special links, surveys and rankings. The app is free and has after-show content as well as videos, wallpapers and exclusive pictures.”

The US Open’s Second Screen on ESPN: “Through the use of the second screen, viewers have choices and they will watch more of the event because they have more control.”

“Showyou are already thinking ahead by launching creator-focused programs of their own. With the newly minted Showyou Channels, the service is taking a slight cue from sites who are familiar with creating and distributing videos (YouTube, Vimeo, etc.), announcing that the idea is to provide users with a hub where they can make original content and easily share it with the world.”

Ye Social

“Social is not a destination but a process that can serve as connective tissue for multiple services.”

“Twitter is TV’s social soundtrack,”  “Working closely with Bell Media, we will be able to accelerate the development of analytic tools mentioned and we look forward to sharing the findings with clients and industry.”

Ye who is getting Medieval on your ass.

House to watch: House Sklar

“Ms. Sklar founded [] three years ago to help women in tech help one another.”  “In the world of Ms. Sklar, all women working in tech (or media, or politics) are winners, even if they have a problem with her. As long as they are succeeding, she can use them as evidence — data points, she might say — that women deserve to be more frequently hired, funded and featured on the supposedly meritocratic tech scene.”


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