This Week in #SocialTV: The Ecosystem


If the second screen is the new first screen, is the first screen now the second screen or just another screen?  Plus Hillary joins the government in doing strange things with social media.

The Numbers

The study, “Talking Social TV,” found that only 12 percent of respondents use social media one or more times a day in relation to TV.” But, “37 percent of respondents use social media one or more times per week in relation to TV shows room for growth.”

“Only 1.5% of those in the Nielsen-backed Council for Research Excellence report being lured to existing TV shows by social media. For new shows this is slightly better, at 6%. Reality programming is much stronger with social media when people are watching. On the flip side, comedy has less social media interaction during the program and more interaction afterwards.”

“The Deloitte State of the Media Survey found 78 per cent of people aged 14 to 29 see their smartphones as an entertainment device, a far greater percentage than among Gen-Xers and older generations.”  “Younger generations are less likely to watch TV, with fewer than half of 14-to-23-year-olds ranking it in their top three.”

  • Six percent of respondents reported being drawn to new TV shows by social media while only 1.5 percent of respondents reported being drawn to existing TV shows by social media

  • Social media use varies by genre. Sci-fi, sports, and talk/news shows have strong overall interactions. Reality TV’s interaction is strongest while people are watching, and comedy shows’ interactions are strongest before and after the program

  • “Super Connectors,” defined by CRE as those most actively involved in social media usage in relation to TV viewing, make up 12 percent of the population, are typically young, and female

  • “Super Connectors” are more likely to be involved with all means of communication about a television program. They are two to three times more likely to be involved with social media in relation to television as the rest of the population.

  • Hispanics are more involved with social media than the general population, but they are less involved than the  ”Super Connectors.”

  • Mobile device ownership increases social media interaction.

  • People use social media to discuss television shows even while others are watching with them.

The Social TV Habits of People (See what kind of TV watcher you are.)

“There was so much excitement—and rightly so—about people trying to interact with television, we wanted to understand who was using it and why.”  “We know that the CW is going to get a lot more social activity than CBS”  “Hispanics were 50 percent more likely to interact with social media about television than the average across the survey.”  “Fifty-four percent of social media usage during TV viewing occurs while you’re watching with someone else.”  “Reality TV’s interaction rate was much stronger while people were watching, less so before or after the program.”  “Smartphones and tablet users are more likely to interact via social media, especially while watching on-demand or streamed shows.”

Second Screen

“To take the premise that TV is the “first screen,” the primary media driver, is to start trying to solve the problem by bridging what is happening on TV over to the secondary device. The results are solutions rooted in the TV experience.”  “A better way to think about the issue might be to start thinking of the TV as the second screen — a more passive audience experience — and to focus efforts to where the audience has shown the propensity to be most engaged.”

“Nielsen, Syncbak trial shows measuring online broadcast viewers is possible.”  “Broadcasters looking to leverage the popularity among consumers of watching television on their favorite Internet-connected device, while maintaining the ad-supported programming model that’s historically propelled the industry, need a reliable, verifiable way to measure viewership on second-screen devices.”  “As consumers access programming in new ways, content creators and providers need viewing on all platforms to be captured.”  “With the success of this trial, we now know we can obtain measureable credit for the in-market mobile viewing of our content and do so in a way that is monetizable.”

Big Brother

“Racking up hundreds of thousands of followers after just one tweet, the former secretary of state launches #tweetsfromhillary.”  “But beyond the usual applications, governments are also experimenting with using social media in surprising, progressive, and sometimes just plain weird ways.”

  • Picking up the trash
  • Defusing riots
  • Detecting earthquakes before they happen
  • Preparing for the zombie apocalypse
  • Forecasting elections

Update on the Red Wedding

“Following Game of Thrones’ now-infamous Red Wedding episode, people were–what’s the phrase?–crazy pissed. Upset at the shocking end to the season’s penultimate episode, and the deaths of several favorite characters, fans of the show railed on social media with an endless stream of “Thanks for nothing, Game of Thrones” and “I may be completely done with Game of Thrones” tweets. It seemed as the show might be facing a blood-letting of its own, at least in terms of losing fans.”

The Pack

“The social TV market today is still alive and thriving but the pack has definitely thinned. Recently closures and asset sales include BeeTV, Miso, and Philo. And now, Numote, will soon be added to this list.”  “Twitter remains dominant with Social TV and has secured its position with its acquisition of Bluefin Labs, a Social TV analytics company, in February.” “Twitter’s Amplify program has also started to show some success. Shaw and Bell, Candian broadcasters, have recently signed partnerships to sell ads with Twitter as part of the Amplify program.”  “Leaders in the social TV space, GetGlue and Viggle, are still very active.”  “Storytelling Through Fan Involvement” and “The Convergence of TV and The Internet” were a reoccurring themes at SXSW this year and we are seeing digital extensions of shows become more and more popular with supplementary content for viewers to consume 24/7 while their favorite shows aren’t airing.”


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