This Week in #SocialTV: The Rise of the Non-Networks


Twitter, Google, Facebook, YouTube and Instagram want in on TV.  Diddy Revolts, YouTube hits a billion likes, Wallenda smashes social tv records, and second screen isn’t fulfilling it’s potential.  What’s the whole shebang worth?  Cisco says $613 Billion.

The Non-Networks


“Twitter is becoming a mainstay in television, functioning as a digital water cooler where people discuss all things TV. In June 2012, Nielsen reported that one in three users on Twitter posted about television, making the microblogging platform the perfect companion for TV.”


“If you have an internet-connected TV, Google Now can help unlock more information about what you’re watching. Just connect your Android device to the same network that your TV is on and tap “Listen for a TV show” in Google Now. We will show you information, like where you’ve seen an actor in the cast before, or more information about the people mentioned in the show. So if you were watching Nik Wallenda cross the Grand Canyon this weekend, with Google Now, you could learn that the “King of the Wire” in fact holds seven Guinness World Records, including highest bike ride on a high-wire.”


“The humble hashtag, popularised by early users of Twitter, has created a way for brands to highlight that extra content, and conversations are available, and users understand this. Facebook’s adoption of the form is, in many ways, quite a coup for Twitter.”


“By giving consumers more access to online content YouTube is on the crest of this wave and is only getting stronger. TV isn’t out of the fight yet, but it’s certainly down for the count. Unless it can readdress its formulaic nature, or there is another significant shift, YouTube will emerge victorious – and I’m sure there will be more than a few consumers cheering it on.”


“The logic is simple- the more time we are consuming videos, the less time we have the TV switched on. For super-connected homes this has been the case with the trade-off between all forms of social media, smartphones and tablets. Those connected homes are spending less time on the TV and more time on their phones, tablets and PCs.”

Roundup of this weeks social tv and second screen news

“Social TV as a concept is still pretty undefined. What is clear, however, is that the kinds of promotions showrunners use to entice viewers will need to be neat, clean, and simple. It’s not enough for networks to simply have people interact with their websites during a program—viewers are starting to expect more from their “second screens”, including exclusive content and unique interactivity.”  “The top 200 YouTube channels have published 186,950 videos which have gathered 144 billion views, 520 million comments, and a billion likes, according to an as-yet-unreleased study by social TV startup SimulTV, which has launched a social TV app for web and tablets. That’s some serious audience engagement.”  But, “In a finding that appears to support longstanding notions about television viewing, a review of recent academic research on “social TV” indicates it has the greatest influence on the most loyal viewers of TV shows, but has relatively little impact on people who do not regularly watch a show.”  “Twitter CEO Dick Costolo today hinted at several upcoming features for the social media platform, including plans to address cyberbullying and better ways to filter the “signal from the noise” during live events, including something he referred to as a “DVR mode” for Twitter.” And, “[Zeebox] just added automatic show syncing and recommendations to its second screen app a few days ago, and it’s back with a new developer portal that opens the Zeebox APIs to everyone, not just partners.”

“When broadcasters discuss monetising the second screen, talk quickly turns to adding value and additional advertising revenue. E-commerce is rarely mentioned. But one broadcaster’s second-screen plans might establish a platform that could enable transactional commerce.”  “These enhanced services attracted viewers and allowed CBS to charge rates for second-screen advertising estimated to be between the high six and low seven figures. It was expected to generate $10-$12m.”

More on Zeebox:

Startup to watch

“Watchwith, a startup that provides sync-to-broadcast technology to many second-screen TV services, has secured a new $5 million round of funding, the company announced today. Watchwith’s service allows broadcast stations to provide things like factoids, trivia questions, and other such information via mobile devices or the TV screen as you’re viewing a program on the TV set.”

Other Cool Stuff

“Cisco Systems wants its customers to know that there is a huge amount of money to be made if they focus their strategy and IT budget on what the company and others call the Internet of Everything.

That’s the idea that more than half of the people and 99 percent of the things on the planet are unconnected and that by connecting them and riding the wave of industry transformations, such as smart factories, digital health, mobile collaboration, virtual assistants, and connected commercial vehicles, giant profits will follow.”

“What’s the ‘Internet of Everything’ worth? $613 billion, Cisco reckons”$613-billion-cisco-reckons/?ttag=twic

Setting Social TV Ratings Records this week: Wallenda

“Skywire Live” was by far the most social show of Sunday evening according to BlueFin, Trendrr and Social Guide. Discovery says that more than 1.3 million tweets were sent regarding the stunt. Discovery’s second-screen experience, “Wired In,” also delivered. 2.8 million streams were launched on Sunday, with as many as 322,000 concurrent streams checking out the alternate camera angles during the walk itself.”

Diddy’s Revolt

“Designed as a multimedia platform for a new generation of artists and innovators, Revolt TV is a real-time, socially connected television network launching in Fall 2013.”  “This is a landmark distribution deal that demonstrates Time Warner Cable’s commitment to bringing a platform for music artists and fans to their subscribers,” stated Revolt TV Founder and Chairman Sean Combs.

RIP Vine, January 24, 2013 – June 20, 2013 (The day Instagram updated their app)


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