This Week in #Journalism: The Pandora of News?


Journalists show how Twitter can be used for quality journalism, the media gets whiter as the country get browner and NPR tries to reinvent themselves as the Pandora of News.

“Nearly three months ago, two bombs shook the Boston marathon, and the world. As news of the blasts and the subsequent manhunt spread, Twitter became a crucial part of the journalist’s toolkit.”  “For the Boston Globe, (@BostonGlobe) as the biggest local newspaper, it was a time to test its use of Twitter.”  “When the events occurred, many Globe staff members were actually running in the marathon or covering it, and they immediately snapped into action, live-tweeting the action around them as a way to report from on the ground. The Globe newsroom had a list of its reporters already in place that they used to monitor incoming tweets through TweetDeck.”  “For journalists, Twitter became a prime information source, as Boston-area citizens stayed indoors, tweeting the images outside their windows, and reporters incorporating that information in their stories.”  “In the aftermath of the investigations, other news organizations found innovative ways to illustrate the story using Twitter data.”  “The Watertown manhunt illustrated the fact there are times when a traditional journalist can do his job more efficiently and effectively on Twitter than any other medium… for those three or four hours when a gunman was on the loose and a neighborhood was under siege, Twitter was the most efficient way to get information out to the public.”

“In New Jersey, a university teams up with local news orgs to collaborate for impact.  “What we probably need here is a co-op, sort of like the Associated Press.”

“FrockAdvisor Wins Irish Times’ Startup Challenge Focused on Ad Innovation.”  “FrockAdvisor – the winner of Fusion, is a fashion “space” that lets shops offer targeted responses to what customers say they’re looking for, giving direct access to users in a shared digital space. Money comes in through subscription by shops, brand integration and ultimately 25 percent commission. A poll found 70 percent of Irish Times female readers would pay to use such a service, but it will be made freely available.”

“What we’re trying to work on is a Pandora for news, to allow listeners to customize a playlist, available through the cloud, live. We want to have serendipitous listening, not knowing what the next story is, but we’ve also got to give people the option of a la carte listening, or they will turn to other places.”

“A new generation of companies is seeking to inject themselves where the money gets made — in the space between customers and the products they want.”  “It’s a fairly straightforward business relationship. ShopAdvisor supplies growing product databases and attendant e-commerce functionality. Publishers do most of the sales and make money.”  “If any of these new relationships should reduce the outsized impact of the disintermediators at all, that will be a story worth telling. Any dollar, euro, pound, or yen reclaimed may be money spent paying journalists.”

“News media is getting whiter as the country is getting browner.”  “journalists need to make the case for diversity as not just a “nice thing to do,” but an essential part of a newsroom that reports the news well.”  “while online communities like Twitter bring more voices to the forefront, the existence of these platforms should not be allowed to occlude the severity of the issue.


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