This Week in #SocialTV: Sharknado’s Twitter Boom and Ratings Bust


If a television show blows up Twitter but nobody’s watching, is it a bust?  Shazam double downs with $40 milllion, Zeebox asks users for their best and Second Screen comes built-in.

Sharknado devours the Tweets.

“Tara Reid and Ian Ziering (of Beverly Hills 90210) co-starred alongside the flying sharks, creating the perfect brew for Twitter comedy. Everyone from Mia Farrow to Damon Lindelof (and probably your grandmother) had a shark-related joke to share. And the Internet totally devoured it.”  “The SyFy movie about flying sharks and bad weather was seen by just over 1 million people. It had a 0.4 rating in the 18-49 demographic in early Nielsen numbers. That’s not just a bust by cable standards. It’s a bust by SyFy original movie standards. “Most Syfy originals have an average viewership of 1.5 million people, with some getting twice that,”  “There were more than 600,000 tweets sent about the movie between 8pm and 3am last night (fewer if you go by Nielsen’s numbers), which is two tweets for every three people in America watching Sharknado.”  “If they can make the case that their stuff is viral and a hit with famous media people with big Twitter followings then, hey, maybe they’ll get a higher affiliate fee in their next negotiation round. But the real conclusion is that the overlap between the meme-hunting Twitterverse and the larger world of families with TVs in the living rooms isn’t as massive as we thought.”,0,2988809.story

Wimbledon by the numbers.

An analysis of all Wimbledon-related tweets during the Championship by IBM have yielded some fairly expected results:

  • Andy Murray mentioned on Twitter more than 1.1 million times.
  • The final was mentioned in 120,000 tweets per minute towards the end of the match, according to Twitter, equivalent to 2000 tweets per second.
  • While it’s not surprising that Britain’s tennis stars received the highest proportion of supportive tweets, it was Laura Robson and not Andy Murray who came out on top.

French Social TV

“The activity of social TV in France has quadrupled over the 2012-2013 season according to research firm NPA Conseil.”  “2 million Twitter users have sent 55 millions tweets about TV. The number of weekly tweets thus passed from 500,000 in September 2012 to more than 2 millions in June 2013.”

Second Screen

“Social TV veteran Tom Bowers recently wrote in TV App Market on some the main hurdles in the UK facing adoption. He said production companies need to start allocating a percentage of budget towards social TV. He said it is a problem just finding the right people at broadcasters who are making decisions on shows and can be approached. There seems to be a fissure between digital teams and traditional production teams that needs to be better bridged.”  “The various industries have to experiment to discover what does and does not work.”

“The internet is increasingly being consumed on devices with touchscreens, and ever more of it is being experienced in the form of video. But those two trends haven’t really fit together comfortably.”  “The app [TouchCast] enables users to create their own interactive TouchCasts with the help of 16 different types of video apps, or vApps.”  “Historically we’ve always thought of lean back and lean forward,” says Segal, who earlier founded the search company Relegance and sold it to AOL in 2006. “There’s a new category and we’re calling it ‘lean back and touch.’”


Shazam double downs with $40 millions dollars from Mexican television billionaire.  Getting ready for an IPO?

The Zeebox Competition

“Now Zeebox is trying to give viewers even more reason to participate in the daily gabfest by having them compete for cash prizes.  The company is offering $10,000 for whoever creates the best “room.” Zeebox is also giving away $1,000 a day over 30 days for the best comments, posts and other contributions.”,0,6364782.story

Hulu’s off the market 😦

After Guggenheim underbidding, Hulu pulls the plug.,0,6106004.story?track=rss


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