This Week in #SocialTV: Social-Con and the Mull of Google


Comic-Con 2013 is here.  Will Social TV and Second Screen take leading roles?  By Grabthar’s hammer, by the sons of Worvan, they shall!  Meanwhile in a galaxy far far away . . . Korean OTT is heading to Latin America and Google mulls internet cable service.

“A social TV strategy isn’t needed for Comic-Con – the greatness of the gathering is that all of the influencers TV networks are trying to reach on the web are already there, many having flown from around the world. Their task is now to offer the right type of content, including sneak peaks, celebrity appearances and kitschy Instagram-able items to get fans talking on the social web.”

“With new platforms, more content and a social web that’s matured and grown since last year [Univision] isn’t just launching a campaign, they’re changing how social affects [big tent pole events like Premious Juventud].”  Here’s a breakdown of what they’re doing for this years event:

  • Social Voting –  The two winners will be unveiled LIVE during the last segment of the show.
  • Twitter Mirror – For the first time, Univision has implemented a Twitter Mirror where the evening’s winners can pose for a special.
  • Summer Song 2013 – Fans have been given the opportunity to vote for their Summer Song 2013.
  • Instagram & Facebook Celebrity Insider – Evening’s celebrity insider team photodocumenting the experience on Instagram and Facebook.
  • Real-Time Truth or Dare Celebrity Q&A and Social Videos – Fans can Tweet, Vine and Instagram “Truth or Dares” for their favorite celebrities.
  • Celebrity Arrivals Interviews –Fans can Tweet their questions to the stars during the carpet arrivals by using the hashtag #PJPregunta.
  • Social Shoutouts to the Stars – Viewer and celebrity Facebook and Twitter commentary will be shown on-screen throughout the telecast.
  • Battle of the Fan Clubs – Fans support for their favorite celebrity helping to make them the most mentioned on social media.


“[A] breakthrough technology [GIGANETTV] allows subscribers to enjoy up to 30 simultaneous video or data streams on any broadband device worldwide.  The viewing experience . . . includes full live cable channel lineups, single or multiple live personal/group chatting/conferencing, movies, web surfing, texting, blogging, video games, DVR all in HD on simultaneous multiple PIP (picture-in-picture) expandable/shrinking/movable floating screens, buy now option with advanced programming guide, scrolling newsfeeds and alerts all on one site.”—-internet-tv-revolutionary-technological-breakthrough-allows-for-ultimate-social-tv-everywheremulti-tasking-evolution-215829891.html

Second Screen

Second-screen activities with laptops, smart-phones and tablets whilst watching TV:

  • Catching up on email (98%)
  • Posting on social media like Facebook and Twitter (79%)
  • Working or doing homework (78%)
  • 72% call or text friends to tell them to watch a show
  • 70% have shopped for items seen on TV
  • 51% post social media updates about shows they are watching
  • 50% have voted in a TV show poll

In addition to the interactive voting experience, the [2013] Project Runway [second screen] experience will also include:

  • Short form video – including highlights from the episode; winner interviews and exit interviews; as well as designers vlogs;
  • Rate the Runway – Photos of the runway; including front, back and side views where viewers can rate each on a Five Star scale;
  • Designer Portfolios – The portfolios will feature designer sketches from the show and their final design from the runway;
  • Designer photo galleries – follows each designer’s personal journeys during the episode;
  • Blogs including a weekly rundown on the official Lifetime Project Runway blog as well as from other past designers.
  • Weekly scorecard – weekly snapshot of Who Is In; Who is Out; Top Three; and Bottom Three
  • Weekly episodic content – THE place where Superfans can dive deeper into every episode!
  • Runway Redemption (#RunwayRedemption) – a mystery contestant from a past season, chosen by fans on and Twitter, will be unveiled as the 16th designer for season 12.
  • Project Runway Superfan Contest – via video submissions, seven super fans will be chosen to be featured in an upcoming episode this season for a fashion makeover.

“Sights Unseen: Auggie Undercover isn’t the first second screen play for Covet Affairs. Last year, USA produced the first Sights Unseen web series, which chronicled a time right after Auggie was blinded in Iraq. During the show’s second season in 2011, fans helped Auggiecomplete a mission over Twitter.”

Hashtags and Other News

“From social revolutions to McDonald’s horror stories, hashtags provide a way for audiences on Twitter to curate conversations around their favorite (or most hated, in the case of McDonald’s) topics, thinning the fire hose that is a Twitter feed down to a manageable stream (which is relative, depending on the hashtag). Nearly all networks are using them to lead the conversation (such as Arrested Development’s#BluthParty).”

“[Korean OTT social TV site Viki] announced that its audience has been growing in Latin America during the past years and accounts for a quarter of its monthly audience. The community of viewers is strongest in Mexico, Colombia, Brazil, Argentina, Chile and Peru.”

“If Google has its way, you might someday get cable television the same way you get Gmail: through any ordinary Internet connection.”  “Google is one of several technology giants trying to license TV channels for an Internet cable service.”  “Google, Intel and the others eyeing the television space are deep-pocketed giants. And they have another thing going for them: in customer satisfaction surveys, they are a lot more popular than the cable guys.”

Sharknado ended the week number five in tweets, but that was enough for a sequel! <(((“>

“It was VH1’s Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta that stole the throne for the week of July 8.”  Beating Sharknado by over 300k tweets.

“Tweet your sequel subtitles to @SyfyMovies to name the movie!”


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