This Week in #SocialTV: Google’s Dongle Gamble and Prince George’s Social TV Premiere


Google’s Dongle can be plugged in to any HDMI to make your television smart.  Is this the future of television?  Or is the iPad the future?  Of course you can’t forget about Facebook and Twitter.  And Netflix.  Well, all you need to kill traditional television is $70 billion per year.  Psst, did you Tweet about Prince George while watching CNN?

Google’s Dongle and more

“Google’s new Chromecast TV dongle turns on your TV and automatically switches inputs, thanks to HDMI-CEC. This may just be a killer feature.”  Basically, “Instead of giving your TV a smartphone app interface, Google’s $35 gadget turns your smartphone, tablet, or computer into a remote control.”  “Google’s previous attempts at TV integration have been failures. But this surprise Chromecast announcement shows that the search giant still has a shot at reinventing how we channel surf. Instead of treating smartphones and tablets as second-screen accessories, Google has created a future where it’s the other way around.”  “The Wall Street Journal is saying Google actually has something more interesting [Than Chromecast] on the way. It is working on a set-top box that streams content and also includes a camera and a motion sensor.”

The Future of TV

“Half of all viewing will be away from STB by 2020.”

“What if TV was like a live Twitter?”

“The future of television has arrived: it’s called the iPad.”  “Tablets allow for much faster innovation than any currently available smart TV platform, all of which are tightly controlled by manufacturers.”

“Netflix is future of TV.”

“The future of TV looks like the present.”

Second Screen

“TV is the Second Screen.”

“It doesn’t make sense to reinvent Twitter and Facebook for the second screen, or any screen for that matter, because people are just fine using Twitter and Facebook, and only more so while watching TV. The best new apps will be the ones that provide additional utility without trying to monopolize a screen that TV viewers already use for something else.”

Other News

“Want to know how to “kill” the traditional TV industry?  It’s easy.  Come up with a cash flow of roughly $70 billion.  That’s it.  Pure and simple.”

“Facebook is launching a new content group to work with the film and television industries, and new products on the way will make non-friend and non-public data more available, which should help films and TV shows become even more social.”

“Sprint, in conjunction with Leo Burnett, used’s Social TV Advertising platform Sync, during TNT’s Wide Open coverage of NASCAR’s Coke Zero 400 in Daytona, Fla., to power the first real time Twitter-race during a sponsored segment.”

“Only 6% of TV Viewers Discover New Shows Via Social Media.”

“They can Tweet at you now.”

“Aereo instead of Time Warner for CBS.”

“Get rewarded for predicting the outcome of your favorite TV shows, meet Insticator, a second screen app that will reward users with real prizes based on their predictions about both scripted and live television.”

The Trenddr Facebook Study

Trendrr has announced that it has partnered with Facebook to gain “preliminary access to previously unanalyzed Facebook user engagement data on chatter relating to television content.” “And those preliminary findings reveal that Facebook outpaces all other social networks combined by a 5-to-1 margin with social TV activity.”  “Facebook users overindexed on broadcast TV, particularly for dramas and comedies, with seven times the activity levels on other social services. By contrast, Facebook chatter related to cable programming was 4.5 times as large.”

Prince George’s Social TV Premiere

Oh yeah, Prince George was born into a Social TV frenzy.


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