This Week in #Journalism: Stepping over iPads to Pick up Magazines


Why are some publishers undermining the advertising opportunity of their tablet editions by trying to hold on to their dying print business, while others are pushing the traditional print boundaries by jumping into video?  What does Obama think?

“The beta release of StoryMaker makes it possible for English and Arabic speakers all over the world to make their voices heard. From now on, individual citizens in Egypt or Syria can tell their own stories, without the interpretation of reporters working for large news agencies and often from other countries.”

The New York Times’ Pulitzer for Snow Fall should have credited “its deft integration of JavaScript” rather than “its deft integration of multimedia elements.”

“The Times Co.’s new financial results show a company that’s hit one digital plateau and is reaching for the next one — and hoping it can do so faster than print can fade.”

“In a recent Kindle Singles interview, produced by Amazon, President Obama said that both manufacturing and retail have all gone the way of traditional journalism.”

“What 10 years of community journalism has taught iBrattleboro.”  “These Vermonters have more experience than most navigating the challenges of building local community online.”

Josh Stearns, a self-professed “verification junky,” works for Free Press, an organization that supports journalism in the public interest. Today, he launched an online “directory of tools for verifying, fact checking and assessing the validity of social media and user generated content.”

“Let newsmakers embed your content and they’ll look to you for material, likely publish more to you, and you’ll have more content to advertise against.”

AP, Meltwater end litigation, will ‘collaborate on innovating new products’

“Is it possible that some publishers are clutching to what makes them the most money now – print – at the expense of future opportunities, like the iPad?”

“The Washington Post will formally launch PostTV today — a big gamble that it can widen audience and win significant advertising revenue by producing digital video programs and distributing the segments to various partners.”

“NPR host’s live-tweeting of his mother’s last moments shows the power of 140 characters.”

“It was our goal to give viewers the ability to express their opinions on every story. Unfortunately, many stories began to be filled with mean spirited, and at times hateful comments. These comments provide no value to our readers and are time consuming to moderate.”

Emerging Companies


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