This Week in #SocialTV: The Twitterverse


Who is this Spongebob guy and why is he a Twitter sponge?  Has television transcended the box?  Wait till you see what Super Bowl XLVIII has in store for SocialTV.  And NBC’s Believe turns to Twitter before the show is even written.

What’s happening in the Twitterverse

“We think everyone else in digital has come to market to disrupt the TV business, Twitter has come to market with something that is helpful to the TV business.”

“The writing team, @BelieveRoom have already taken marketing of the show into their own hands by creating anticipation with #BoKnows.”

“The results of the beta test reveal that the impact of using Twitter in combination with TV advertising is significantly greater than that of using TV advertising alone,”

“Tweeting the Shark”

“Twitter is growing, Twitter is expanding. Their scope will get bigger. This phenomenon is going to grow. We are not avoiding it. We are immersing ourselves in it. But right now, it’s really focused … on a small segment of the population.”

“Specific to Twitter, it goes beyond just viewers talking about the show while they’re watching. The @SpongeBob Twitter has over 450,000 followers and tweets daily affirmations from the character, many of which are receiving thousands of retweets. Fans love SpongeBob’s optimistic outlook on life and @SpongeBob gives them a little bit of that optimism every day.”

“Twitter and Kantar Media have announced a partnership which will allow Kantar to provide broadcasters with more data about how their shows are received on the social network.”

“Twitter will become less a method of communicating a system of content delivery as well as television.Direct contacts between individuals are likely to move to the next innovation in this direction, but with 500 million subscribers, Twitter is not going to just disappear.”

Outside the Twitterverse

“The generation that’s grown up with free content on the internet is also used to having television when they want it, wherever they want it — a premise that Netflix seems to understand best.”

“Publicis Groupe of Paris and Omnicom of New York are merging to create world’s biggest advertising group. The deal is as much influenced by technology as it will influence the technology landscape as media, content and technology continue to become even more enmeshed.”

“Gnip is [now] the distributor of GetGlue’s firehose of publicly available data, which gives it a rather broad view of social data around viewing habits for television shows, movies, and sports.”

“I think it’s worth admitting, now, that ‘television’ has become one of those legacy words, like ‘phone,’ that we use to point at a thing, without really fully describing it. It certainly doesn’t mean what it used to.”

“With the rise of social TV and the first-ever 2,800-square-foot social media command center, fans who have trekked down to Indianapolis and people at Super Bowl parties across the country can now opt to have a super-connected experience.”

“Second screen is evolving more into a series companion for an enhanced consumption experience. Network series, like Game of Thrones, have already surfaced with news of exclusive second-screen content being produced in the form of web and native apps that deliver a richer experience to consumers,”

“Facebook will roll out 15-second video ads priced between $1 million and 2.5 million sometime later this year. The ads will appear in a user’s news feed, and they’ll be priced on a per-day basis with age and gender targeting”


It’s in French but you get the idea.



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