This Week in #Journalism: Bezos Picks Up The Post


Bezos buys The Post while newspapers are dying off.  Why?  Does he know something the rest don’t?  Will this change the way we view newspapers? Who will be the last newspaper standing?

On Bezos buying the Post

Why they sold: “We had innovated, and to my critical eye our innovations had been quite successful in audience and in quality, but they hadn’t made up for the revenue decline,” – Donald Graham, CEO of The Washington Post Company

“A rather absurd number of people wrote substantial articles about the deal, and many of them were quite insightful.”  Here’s the best breakdown on the whole shebang.

“Suddenly, a ray of hope for the Post – Bezos purchase may be a last chance for newsrooms to become “nerve centers for the Internet” 

“Now that Jeff Bezos owns The Washington Post, will that change the way newspapers are read on Kindle?”

“In the words of the Atlantic’s James Fallows, perhaps this marks “the beginning of a phase in which this Gilded Age’s major beneficiaries re-invest in the infrastructure of our public intelligence.” Wouldn’t that be something? Given the well-documented travails of the business of journalism, it’s an infrastructure with considerable deferred maintenance.”

“And while the digital revolution and the economic crash of 2008 have put severe stresses on both newspapers [The Post and The Times], the Times model offers more promise for growth. After a period of fits and starts, the Times is now moving aggressively and effectively to seize its advantages.”

Other stuffs

“The magazine Superinteressante is among a number of Brazilian publishers who have reached new audiences by producing games on topics like drug trafficking and police investigations.”

“Journalism instructors assign much more value to a degree in the discipline than do practicing journalists, according to a new Poynter study.”

“Ezra Klein talks with Michael Moynihan, Jay Rosen, and John Cassidy about the path of journalism, considering how much it’s changed following the introduction of digital media.” [Video]


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