This Week in #SocialTV: The New Moguls of Social TV


This fall advertisers are finally following second screen, Marissa Mayer is positioning to kill TV and Facebook is developing an app just for you . . . if you’re rich and famous.

“Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer has turned her attentions of late to goosing the site’s media efforts. That includes personally shepherding a new deal to put a Web interview show by high-profile television news personality Katie Couric right on its home page.”

And the advertisers are falling into second screen:  “The Bachleorette” has run on ABC – off and on – since 2003. And yet only in 2013 did Clorox decide to advertise in the show.  What brought the well-known bleach to the saucy reality series? An opportunity to reach consumers who may have been watching something other than the program while it was on.

MTV is using social to produce the VMAs: “this year’s livestream as a “pop up channel,” with content that will “capture the energy and excitement on the ground in Brooklyn.”  Starting at 4pm fans will get to tune into a combination of produced content, music videos of the nominees and more. Once the show begins Sunday fans will enter a “choose your own experience,” world with 30 difference cameras, more than ever before,”

Amplify passing the test: “Now, according to the Sports Business Journal, over a dozen other companies are joining the venture, including PGA Tour, Time Inc., and MLB Advanced Media. The key is getting buy-in from advertisers, the source of substantial revenue. If advertisers believe this platform allows them to leverage this cross-collateralized market to reach its target customers, there may be as much access to capital as access to people in Twitter’s future.”

Listings and New Metrics aimed at social tv: “Facebook will display TV listing information on US primetime TV and movie Pages.”  “Facebook released new metrics: country level monthly and daily active user numbers for both desktop and mobile. For advertisers, this will help to create campaigns that can reach the right people at the right time on both desktop and mobile. This couldn’t be more important for social TV advertising.”

“Sky has launched a new Facebook app called Sky Share that lets users not only share what they are watching but actually set Sky+ to record from Facebook in order to watch programmes later at home using a Remote Record feature.”

“Facebook has confirmed it is developing an application exclusively for celebrity use.  The app, which is currently being tested by a small group of VIPs, would let celebrities monitor comments that are being made about them while on the go.”


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