This Week in #Journalism: Journalism’s Great Riptide


As the journalism business struggles, Tina Brown splits The Beast to go solo.  Meanwhile, “an oral history of the epic collision between journalism and digital technology, from 1980 to the present” is published but where’s the diversity?

“Journalism is doing fine; the journalism business is struggling.”

“[Tina] Brown, 59, said in a statement that she would start Tina Brown Live Media, which will focus on building up the Women in the World conferences she has been organizing and running for several years.”


“Indeed, if one were to eavesdrop on a gathering of traditional journalists deploring the state of the news media, it would be easy to conclude that without high-quality journalism, American democracy would be hugely diminished.”

“It’s true that men continue to dominate the top ranks of the journalism industry, but Riptide is more lopsided than even the most depressing newsroom demographics: Of the 61 people interviewed for the project, only five are women.”

“Jeanne Brooks, the digital director of the Online News Association, and Sabrina Hersi Issa, a media entrepreneur and Roosevelt Institute Pipeline fellow, are searching for funding to create a report that includes a full, diverse spectrum of change-makers in digital journalism. They hope to compile and launch it next year.”


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