This Week in #SocialTV: The New Black


Social TV is the new black and it’s growing exponentially, Facebook is trying to boost Social TV mentions and Twitter files IPO papers.

“Overall, Social TV grew 363% in 2012. There were 874 Million social media comments about TV programs in 2012, compared to 189 Million in 2011.” (Bluefin Labs)

“Following the lead of Facebook and other Internet companies whose fortunes depend on an enormous user base, Twitter has been cautious about turning its service into a money-maker so far, with ads few and far between on the site. So how does it make money, and why might it be worth so much?”

“Facebook wants a piece of Twitter’s “social TV” action, but what does that mean for you?”  “Keyword Insights scans all Facebook content – even the private stuff! – to compile aggregate information about a specific term over a specific period of time in the last twelve days. However, Keyword Insights does not associate results with individual Facebook users or provide access to the posted content. So, a media company could determine how many people have entered the hashtag #samcro (often used by Sons of Anarchy fans) in the last 24 hours, but they won’t get a the actual posts to know whether they’re good, bad, indifferent, or just typos.”

“The new [Facebook] tools allow select partners — including Buzzfeed, CNN, NBC’s Today Show, BSkyB and Slate — to use the tools to show the number of Facebook posts that mention a specific word over a period of time, including a demographic breakdown for the people talking about that topic.”

“Twitter Inc., the microblogging service with more than 200 million members worldwide, filed to go public, moving closer to the most highly anticipated offering since Facebook Inc.”  “This is obviously one of the seminal IPOs that the industry has been waiting for,” Byron Deeter, a partner at Bessemer Venture Partners.

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