This Week in #SocialTV: Is Accuracy an Important Part of Twitter’s Metrics?


Twitter posts some bad data, then posts some more bad data.  Twitter inaccuracies . . . sound familiar?  Sounds like Social TV and Journalism have a common beef.  In other news, Sony tries second screen with video games, user generated video Lands on live TV and . . . Google solves death.

“[Twitter’s] blog posted bad metrics Wednesday, then posted new metrics after those numbers were questioned, then explained the changes today.

The post now says one company was the most mentioned brand during London Fashion Week with almost 10,000 mentions. Then it goes on to say another company has 13,000 mentions.”

“Sony has been busy working on a smartphone app that will allow you to stream parts of games from your PlayStation 4 straight to your handset.  The app offers up a whole lot of uses, including access to trophy information and social feeds, but the most interesting aspect is that you will be able to use the app to interact with mini-games on the PS4.”

“Today, Time magazine broke the news that Google and its CEO Larry Page are funding a company that will try to extend human lifespan and solve the diseases of aging.  Page joins other wealthy technologists who have signed up to fund the anti-aging quest. Billionaire Larry Ellison funds anti-aging research at a foundation he set up. And there’s been talk in Silicon Valley X Prize for how to freeze human remains so they can be revived in the future.”

“TV Land begins to evovle and shift towards becoming a social and user generated experience with Vine and Instagram video integration.”  “Norwegian technology start-up “” has recently been first to take the screen back to its roots- User Generated Video content that can be integrated direct and in real time with Vine and Instagram Video.”

Social TV is largely becoming synonymous with Twitter due to its scaled open platform, despite the presence of several specialized apps such as GetGlue, Viggle, IntoNow, Shazam, Zeebox, and NextGuide, who were looking to capitalize on the growing trend of TV viewers interacting with social media in real-time.”

“Building steadily throughout its opener and growing year over year, ABC’s Dancing with the Stars ranked as Monday’s most-watched TV show, drawing the biggest audience for any TV series telecast since 5/14/13. Dancing was up from its year-ago season opener by 15% in Total Viewers and by 28% in Adults 18-49, marking the show’s strongest telecast since March 18, 2013.”


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