This Week in #SocialTV: Emmys, Apps, Spoilers and Ads


The 2013 Emmys was the most social program on TV, The NFL Amplifyed with Twitter, Next Guide went to iPhone and If you didn’t want to know what happened, you should’ve installed Spoiler Shield.

“Data from SocialGuide, which measures the social media conversation around TV shows, called the Emmys the most social program on TV, with 924,667 Tweets in the U.S. alone, up 48% on last year’s event, according to AARP.”

“It turns out that two-thirds of in-program social TV use happens during the commercial breaks, according to a study by research group The Pool (a division within VivaKi).”

“TV still rules the living room when it comes to how we spend our time, according to a survey carried out on behalf of Panasonic. Brits spend nearly twice as much time watching TV as we do on social networking websites. The average Brit spends about 2.5 hours (156 minutes) watching television per day, while they spend on average about 75 minutes on Facebook and just 20 on Twitter.”

“Showtime this summer became perhaps the first network to introduce an interactive in-show experience for smart TVs, embedding social functionality within the show itself rather than asking viewers to synchronize smartphone and tablet apps to programming.”

“According to the Wall Street Journal yesterday, the National Football League has reached a deal with Twitter to use the social network’s Amplify product to make highlights and other content available to users both during and after games.”

“Anthony E. Zuiker, creator of the ubiquitous “CSI” franchise, has been busy plotting more murders — but not for TV. Having built a devoted Twitter following for his reality murder mystery series “Whodunnit?” on ABC, the mystery master started organizing online competitions, inviting fans to solve fictional “murders” on Twitter for points and prizes.”

Positioning emerging TV: “Do: Create Social experiences from the ground level up. The bigger game is crafting digital social TV integrations at all levels of the production process and not just as an afterthought. This would be truly Social TV.”

“TV ads are more relevant now than ever if they fit into the social dialogue that is happening every second. It’s just up to marketers and their agencies to capture people’s attention so they want to talk about the ads…in a positive light.”

“Five great, ongoing social TV strategies that have worked to engage viewers over the summer and leading into the fall . . .”

Apps Apps Apps

“Spoiler Shield, blocks spoilers on Facebook and Twitter. It has built-in “shields” for more than 30 TV shows, including most hit dramas; several reality competition shows including “The Amazing Race” and “Top Chef”; and “WWE Raw.” The games of all NFL and Major League Baseball teams are also included.”

“[Vokl TV beta 1.0] A new social TV app is set to change the way in which many TV viewers enjoy this pastime, as it will make it easier for fans of shows to engage with one another, thus taking audience participation and engagement to a whole new level. The new app is set to be hugely popular amongst fans of TV shows and social media, making TV more fun, more engaging, and more interactive.”

“[NextGuide] which melds live TV listings with ways to search for and stream video from online operators, follows its iPad and Web version with one specifically for iPhones running iOS 7.”

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